Social Decline

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Look, you can chat on Snap, Facebook, Insta ‘n’ that
Me, I’ve got my preference set to human contact
Living life on Twitter or the likes of Whatsapp
You tend to get depressed seeing all the things yours may lack
Then again, maybe that’s not necessarily true
For what if you hold a different point of view
Just another junkie before they hit the floor
You feel so much better than you ever did before
Next, you find you are counting foes amongst your friends
Food for thoughts and these ads that never seem to end
Morning through til night; they control that train of thought
We no longer give life meaning; turned into mindless robots

Young and curious, I opened all these doors
Old and useless, left only wanting more

(Rhyme scheme – AAAABBCCDDEECC)


Help me forget

Help me forget this place where I dwell
These grey granite walls I know only too well
My dreams gone adrift in these oceans online
Amongst the sharks of these sites, it’s life redefined
So please, help me forget the extent of these sins
Seven most deadly thrive within every skin
They ebb and flow like a force that dictates
Our future, our path until guilt overtakes
I cannot forget all of these troubles
Lacklustre love and obligatory cuddles
Family, friends… No, it’s the foe that’s myself
Puts value on status instead of my health

Can you help me forget a world that’s so wrong
It seems violence and sex is all that goes on!
(Ryhme scheme – AABBCCDDEEFFGG)
Main idea
The feeling of discontentment in today’s age of information and the inability to forget these problems even if you wanted to.
Age of information

Awake! You Sleepy-Headed Lark

Really enjoyed reading this today.

Random Musings

meadow-larkCopyright 2010 Matt Knoth

Awake! you sleepy-headed lark
and whistle us up a summer in the meadow.

We’re tired of the chill wind
clanging the shutters against the pane
and rattling the last cold leaves on the oak.

The cardinal sings his varied tune
in the barren branches, but we want a warmer song,
the trill of sun on new-mown hay.

Come now, you wayward songstress,
lever up the sun to her place on a higher plane,
and sing the dew onto the grass.

We’ve counted down the solstice minutes,
too few to hold the dying rays of the sun,
bring us a longer day from a more temperate latitude.

Warm our hearts with your morning song,
heralding the heat of a rising summer day.

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Unzipped Triolet

I really like this triolet poem from gracefulpress

Graceful Press Poetry

If I could just unzip the gray
to find blue seas behind that wall
and perch there, wondering, not afraid—
If I could just unzip the gray,
dive clean in sunlit blue-salt waves,
no fear of drowning heart-hard, small—
If I could just unzip the gray
to find blue seas behind that wall.

Inspired by Margo Roby’s picture prompt, with thanks to Jane for bringing the triolet to my attention.

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