Social Decline

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Look, you can chat on Snap, Facebook, Insta ‘n’ that
Me, I’ve got my preference set to human contact
Living life on Twitter or the likes of Whatsapp
You tend to get depressed seeing all the things yours may lack
Then again, maybe that’s not necessarily true
For what if you hold a different point of view
Just another junkie before they hit the floor
You feel so much better than you ever did before
Next, you find you are counting foes amongst your friends
Food for thoughts and these ads that never seem to end
Morning through til night; they control that train of thought
We no longer give life meaning; turned into mindless robots

Young and curious, I opened all these doors
Old and useless, left only wanting more

(Rhyme scheme – AAAABBCCDDEECC)


The long goodbye


Deliberating on my role
The deepest chasms full of conflict
Of all the feelings in my soul
To care I can’t, seems i’ve been tricked

This barren wasteland in the news
Disgusting plot, distorted views
Good and evil spawn thoughts and sighs
And so begins the long goodbye

(Rispetto – Two rhyming quatrains, Iambic tetrameter and a rhyme scheme of ABABCCDD.)

Debris of dreams


To whom should I write these letters of love?
These letters dropped down from some kingdom above
For what could he know of devotion and trust?
Or to know only lust is never enough
Easy to find be it land, sky or sea
Notably absent when your eyes fall on me
It sails and flies with both mercy and pity
I long for the country but dwell in the city
Drenched in these tears; can belong only to you
Created so many yet good in so few
Wretched keep taking with both knife and gun
I keep asking myself, oh what have you done?

Awake in the morning to the debris of dreams
Tears in abundance thinking what might have been

(So this is debris of dreams reworked to the form of a John Clare sonnet in that it adheres to the AABB-CCDD-EEFF-GG rhyme scheme, has 14 lines; three quatrains and a couplet but with regards to meter don’t ask as I really struggle with this, especially on a line to line basis as some seem like iambic pentameter yet others seem different. As far as I understand it, that’s supposed to be five iambs (da-DUMs) yet the sylablle count for my sonnet is 10-11-11-11-10-11-11-12-11-11-10-10-12-11) I’m so confused haha