When you decide on one of lifes many paths
Do be kind and let me know
When you decide to stand on your own two feet
Keep in mind you’ll need to show
When you decide to love not hate
Do not be afraid to go and grow
For even in the face of blizzards torment
Or in an avalanche of unforgiving snow
I still think clearer than any childhood sky

When you have dreamt one thousand dreams
Inside your cave of gloom and desperation
When you have finished fighting your thoughts
And are willing to leave behind stagnation
If you long to feel your peak like a flowers bloom
Do come out and join us; it’s a time of celebration
For come that day when lights go out
And shadows haunt the path you’re on
I ask of you, do be kind and let me know


Within me


Within me, a hurricane rages carrying in it all my worst frustrations
A hardened heart once full of longing lies shattered through desperation
I envy you, to be complete that’s all i’m looking for
That’s him here, I pray to you, I don’t want this anymore

Within me, another thought is fought and thrown down into the pit
A thousand different questions thrown while many answers fit
Look around you’ll see a hole yet for what you’ll never know
Just take a seat and hold on tight while monsters wrestle vying for control

Within me, emotions boil erupting like some family squabble show
Trapped inside a life so strict; can’t spread my wings, take off and grow
A lonely pet for all the rest, fed on the scraps of long since dried up dreams
I’ve told my troubles while I argue yet all you do is scream