The Burning House II

This is so cool, I want this on my wall!


SONY DSC 217_2016 Watercolor / Fabriano artistico satinized – ca. 76 x 56 cm / 29.9 x 22.0 in / ´The Burning House II´

I had to paint this again. After I have been really satisfied with my small watercolor-sketch I wanted to try a large format today. I stood up extra early today to make sure that I can finish it before I have to go to my work. I am getting used to the beautiful Fabriano Artistico paper and I used a bigger brush. Compared to painting smaller formats these large paintings are more physical in the painting-process. I feel like I have been in the gym after painting this one. I don´t think the result is perfect, but I am satisfied. I will try to paint more of the larger formats this month to get my brushwork loose. I have a bigger amount of sheets in stock now so…

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Meditation on Floating Pine Needles #2

I love these painting, such a cool mist/fog effect 🙂

Teri Malo Studio

TM8710 Meditation with Floating Pine Needles #2 36x44 oil on panel TM8710 Meditation with Floating Pine Needles #2 36×44 oil on panel

Meditation on Floating Pine needles #2 is the second of this year’s trilogy of interpretations based on the pond in July. Early July, with its dusting of pollen, and scattering of flotsam forms the subject. The challenge is the reflections seen through the somewhat granulated surface. I chose layered spattering to suggest the pollen, and thin glazes to control the color. When I ask myself why dusty pond surfaces attract me, I have two answers. First, figuring out the visual subtlety excites me, and second, the partly obscured reflections parallel the unknowns in life. We only ever get a glimpse. Details below. Enjoy.

TM8710 Meditation on lLoating Pine Needles #2 - detail from top of painting TM8710 Meditation on lLoating Pine Needles #2 – detail from top of painting

TM8710 Meditation on Floating Pine needles #2 - detail from left of center TM8710 Meditation on Floating Pine needles #2 – detail from left of center

TM8710 Meditation on Floating Pine Needles#2 - detail from right of cente rwith tree reflections, floating maple leaves and pine needles TM8710 Meditation on Floating Pine Needles#2 – detail from right…

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Late Shift practicing

Love the paintings from this blog, amazing!


CW20160611_Solstice 172_2016 Watercolor/ Hahnemühle Echt Bütten rau – ca.40 x 30 cm. – ´Solstice´

It was not too busy at work last night, so i did feel a little bit more relaxed about painting. I am happy with the old farmhouse painting called ´Solstice´that i painted as a gift for a friend´s birthday. She invited me to her party tonight and i am looking forward to meet a lot of people from the past.

The other ones are just sketchbook doodles, trying to paint more loose. I am happy with the one called `Timberline´. It is rough and bold painted and – that is rare – i like almost everything about it. 🙂

Letzte Nacht war nicht zu viel los bei der Arbeit, so konnte ich mich etwas entspannter ans Malen machen. Mit dem Aquarell ´Solstice´(Sommersonnenwende) bin ich ganz glücklich. Ich habe es als Geburtstagsgeschenk für eine alte Freundin gemalt, die…

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GUEST DOODLEWASH: How Brush Park Made Me Paint Again

Really like this artist paintings, check out Carsten Wieland


Doodlewash Watercolor Painting by Carsten Wieland - Brush Park 75

My name is Carsten Wieland and I am from Essen, Germany (follow me on my blog and on Facebook!). I am 50 years young and I love watercolor painting. In 2014, I came in touch with it for the second time in my life and since then, watercolor painting became the most important part of every day.

Doodlewash Watercolor Painting by Carsten Wieland - Louisiana Bayou ShackMy first contact with watercolors was about 25 years ago, when I was a comic book illustrator and a student of graphic design arts. But my career did lead me more into digital artwork, since I worked as a game designer for computer games and graphic designer for TV commercials in my own company for about 20 years.  I lived in Hamburg during these 20 years and I always wanted to come back to analog painting – but working in my own company was so time demanding that I never did.

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I really like these painting from gretchenwood blog.

Gretchen Wood

As an artist….  every blank canvas is speaking to you… asking who you are….to show yourself to the world through manipulation of pigments suspended in medium. Art itself is an expression of who one is as an individual… but sometimes, as is the case with me, the individual is at war with themselves. I have two strong opposing sides to my personality. I love order and structure and for things to look real and perfect….. and on the flip side… I love chaos and creativity and messiness and abstractions and all sorts of rich vibrant colors. Merging the two as a painter… or as anything… is all about balance… and finding something to appease both sides. And I suppose that’s what all of life is about… finding a working balance.

This piece titled, “Rogue”, is a little bit of a reflection of this thought…. because I am always striving to…

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En Plein Air – April 13th, 2016 – Backyard Sycamore

Really like this acrylic, love the colours used. (Painting by Debra Hunter)

Debra Hunter - Canadian photography, art and handmade

blog backyard sycamore april 13 2016 8x10_4699 Backyard Sycamore – April 13, 2016 – 8″x10″ – acrylic on paper

Four en plein air paintings in four days. I am continuing to work on paper with acrylic. I had a little more time than I did yesterday to paint which was nice, as was working on an easel. One thing I was wanting to achieve with this piece was stronger colors as I think I tend to be too cautious when painting on location. I think I take the colors of the natural landscape too literally and too seriously, and I wanted to change that. So today’s piece is gutsier and maybe more honest to the way I like to paint trees.

The challenge continues. Now to decide what to paint tomorrow!

Painting by Debra Hunter







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