The first time i saw you,
I’ve hated you since
I’ve rated and stated and flirted with sin
It’s not aways easy to speak about things
And slot into roles of laughter and cringe
But you know this don’t you
Been waiting for this
Your moment
Your chance
That shot you cant miss
To tag me with labels
And touch me with words
No right to step forward
The message so blurred
Yet that never stops you
And neither will this
Live just to play
Chasing glamour and glitz

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Remember the day


Pondering and pacing
Mind always racing
Chasing the dreams of these lands

For if I catch up
A lifestyle corrupt
Grasping this knife with both hands

Yet if I had known
Where life was going
Would I bathe in the sun, sea and sand

Do you remember the day
I turned round to say
I cannot live life in this way


The ABC’s

A really great write, really enjoyed reading this today.

A Drop in Time

A is for anxiety
it makes you want to hide

B is for broken
the way you feel inside

C is for cutting
all the lines upon your skin

D is for depression
the battle you fight within

E is for eternity
the time you spend in pain

F is for fear
I might just be insane

Every letter haunts me
my life is not a game
if only I was normal
I wouldn’t have this shame

– Chas Harold

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Take these emotions


Take these emotions
Take them all if you must
There’s nothing inside here
Certainly not trust
There’s fools love
Affection and lust
Intolerable longing
Go, turn it to dust

So please just take these emotions
Take them all if you must
I’m long passed my limit
Refuse to discuss
Pressure be building
No time to adjust
Shake like a leaf
That’s it, that’s enough