All we do is dream


If we lose a hundred wars
One thousand battles
Kill ten million men
Slaughter like cattle
Or worse; pigs in pens —

All we do is dream

High hopes greet the new century

(January 1st 1900)

Great Britain, ‘The Empire on which the sun never sets’ with its ‘one heart, one head, one language policy’, it’s at its imperial greatest with only the boer war a cause for any distraction. A striking contrast when thinking back only a century earlier.

America had been lost, the empire was engaged in war with several European powers and Napoleons France to contend with; Aside from sounding like something from a star wars film things weren’t looking very promising. One could be forgiven for expressing suprise at such a flourish that had seen a century of great expansion and success being achieved and with this in mind many could see another century of prosperity ahead.

It’s hard to imagine what life was like back in these times. I imagine very difficult in most cases yet the financial markets were doing very well both at home and on Wall street were bankers talked of a ‘prosperity panic’

An honors list that still exists today included Sir John Lubbock who gave us the Bank Holiday among other things and the rest were crown servants responsible for running territories abroad.

There was also mounting concern over Germanys rise as a military and industrial power leading to the idea of putting an end to the isolation policy carried out at the time by Britain which saw it steer clear of issues regarding Europe.

Who could have foreseen what the next one hundred years was to bring but in case you don’t know stay tuned and all shall be revealed…