Favourite television shows


Favourite episode – The Reichenbach Fall

Sherlocks arch enemy Moriarty plots to discredit and kill him. Great story were Sherlock is branded a fraud and flirts with suicide; almost proving too much for some, especially John Watson.

Life on Mars

Favourite episode – Season 2 episode 1

Tyler is having visions of someone messing around with his medicine in the present day, while back in 1973 he meets someone whom he thinks is the same assailant, owner of a gambling and extortion racket, Tony Crane.

The Sopranos

Favourite episode – The happy wanderer

A friend of Tony’s and one of Meadow’s best friends parents, Davey Scutino,turns up at a card game. He is a compulsive gambler and borrows money without Tony’s blessing. We also see Sylvio’s game rage surface.


Favourite episode – Golden eagle

The wars in Gaul are at an end, Caesar on the brink of victory however news of his daughter’s death sours his accomploshments somewhat. In Rome, Pompey the Great tries to balance honor and politics while some urge him to betray his friend.

I loved this episode as it was the first glimpse into the shows amazing costumes and settings. I really wish they had kept the show going for longer. The story of the two roman soldiers was great.

Breaking Bad

Favourite episode – Full measure

Second part of the season three finale which is shown in two parts. Walt saves Jesses life and looks for him to return the favour. Excellent viewing as we get to see both characters try and deal with the nastier side of the criminal lifestyle.

Peep Show

Favourite episode – Wedding

Mark gets married to Sophie despite his best efforts to avoid it. These include asking a shop assistant to marry him en route to the chapel and trying to get in a road accident. The best though is the hiding were he has Jez wet himself for the greater good.


Favourite episode – Season 2 episode 2

What more is there to say than Jack is back! #

Boom boom and off with your head. Bauer power is were its at while comprehension is nothing more than a mere dream.

Just sit back and watch and forget all about protocol.

Game of Thrones

Favourite episode – Baelor

I really liked this episode as it just cemented joffrey as enemy number one, (if that was at all possible) and with so much happening in the episode there was lots of depth added to the tv series with things like Maester Aemon revealing his Targaryen blood and Tyrions tales about his childhood and later the marriage prank. Of course the main headline is the actions and consequences for Ned Stark.

Walking Dead

Favourite episode – A

As the various groups begin to arrive at terminus in hope of sanctuary, Rick, Michonne and Carl are confronted by the group Daryl is travelling with. I like this episode as it really displays what a horrible world the outside has become and upon arriving at terminus we are left with cliffhangers a plenty as we see signs of herding and many members of the group still unaccounted for.


Favourite episode – The train job

Mal and the crew of serenity take on a job for a menacing criminal Neska. It involves stealing food packages going to people in need and sees Mals charachter put to the test more than once.


Favourite episode – To be a somebody

A three parter and opening case of the second season for Fitz. Robert Carlyle features as a working class man who becomes a skinhead and murders a man after a confrontation of sorts in a shop.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Favourite episode –  Phantasms

Not sure if I would say it is my favourite episode as it changes from time to time but most certainly one of the stranger ones.

Data has a new chip planted in his brain and he begins having crazy dreams. Very strange and hugely entertaining.


Favourite episode – The Matchmaker

Frasier thinks he’s found the perfect man for Daphne and invites him over for dinner not realizing he’s gay and has his eye on he himself, hilarious episode full of misunderstandings.


7 thoughts on “Favourite television shows

      1. I am hooked now and agree, it is one of my favorite shows. Can’t believe we have to wait until 2017 to see the next season but I am looking forward to the Christmas piece as well.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. haha, yes…it was supposed to happen this coming year but because of unavoidable delays we have to wait…I am going to watch reruns of Seinfeld until then 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, indeed haha I was gutted Rome didn’t last longer and somebody should be held to account for firefly only lasting one season as well!

      Sherlock really is great, the only episode that was a little bit rubbish was the hound one, I wasn’t really convinced by the whole scenario of the drug pressure pad release thingy in the middle of the forest, very strange.

      Frasier is like friends, it’s constantly being re-run seemingly for the good of the country, it will never end. I’m going to add to the list, need new things to watch as well, Looking to find an ideal period drama to watch, something like game of thrones but real… and without the dragons.


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