Favourite films

To Live and Die in L.A – A fast paced crime thriller depicting the lengths to which two Secret Service agents go to arrest a counterfeiter.

The Intouchables – An ex-con becomes a carer for a rich quadriplegic. It follows their journey as they begin to form a close albeit unlikey friendship. French film.

Leaving Las Vegas – An alcoholic loses his marriage and job so heads off to Las Vegas to end it all by drinking himself to death. Upon arriving he meets a prostitute who has her own problems, they soon realise together they can get what they need from each other and more.

Little Miss Sunshine – A heart warming family tale that is very funny. The family travel 3000 miles to make their daughters dream of participating in the llittle miss sunshine peagant come true. The journey there is one you have to see to believe it.

Primal Fear – Story about a lawyer who takes on the case of an alter boy accused of brutally murdering an arch-bishop, all is not as straight forward as it seems.

Mesrine: Killer Instinct – First of two films. Depicts the life of renowned French gangster Jacques Mesrine. From his time spent in the army in Algeria to his return and rise to bank robber and escape artist.

Rain Man – A son finds out his deceased father who he was estranged from has left his multi-million poud estate to his other autistic son who is also his brother who he had been unaware of up till now.

Coach Carter – An American high-school football coach benches his whole team until their academic grades improve, based on a true story.

King of Comedy – A film about an aspiring stand-up comic, celebrity worship and media culture.

Life of Pi – Survival drama film based on the book of the same name by Yann Martel.

Blow – Crime biographical drama about the life of drug smuggler George Jung.


5 thoughts on “Favourite films

    1. Not to worry, it’s Gretl but its just a pen name thing to keep me hidden away 🙂 Gretyl is actually quite cool as well now that you mention it haha. Ed Norton is great, he is one of my favourite actors. Rain man is amazing, I only recently watched the Leaving Las Vegas movie, thought it was really good. I’m going to add many more movies as well, if you have any good suggestions feel free to chip in.


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