Art contributors

I feel since this has kind of developed into an artwork/photo blog I should mention the images owners as I own none of them. I just typed the theme I was looking for into google images and selected what I deemed my favourites that best captured the idea.

All words are my own and are copyrighted ©

Artwork for The world is not ending by Ghassan Ghaib

Artwork for Open your eyes by Christel Hagg

Artwork for Word to the wise by Rita Lloyd

Artwork for Under our skin by Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes

Artwork for Maybe by unknown (Etsy shop)

Artwork on Senryu by Albert Bierstadt

Artwork on Senryu by CES on Pintrest

Artwork on Senryu by August Wilhelm Leu

Artwork on Haiku by Connie Tom

Artwork on Tanka by Sarah Waterer

Artwork on Sneer by Pierre Auguste Renoir

Artwork on Haiku 24 by Konstantin Sterkhov

Artwork on Haiku 23 by Pollyanna Pickering

Artwork on Ashamed by Todd Neilson

Artwork on Tanka 19 by Nimanthi Ekanayake

Artwork on The long goodbye by Sir Mbonu Christopher Emerem

Artwork on Hungry by Joel Cable

Artwork on Reality by Alex Andreevby Christopher Jobson

Artwork on Tetractys 02 by Rita Loyd

Artwork on Herd by Thomas Sidney Cooper

Artwork on Idea by Joel Rea

Artwork on Fragile by Cecilia Del Toro

Artwork on A life by David Simons

Artwork on Never by Jujupie

Artwork on If tomorrow never comes by Soraya Silvestri

Artwork on Crossing roads by Ilya Repin

Artwork on Who am I by Leonid Afremov

Artwork on Morning after by Natalia Veneva

Artwork on Take these emotions by Emma Mulhall

Artwork on Letters and notes by William Michael Harnett

Artwork on Within me by SalJonesArt

Artwork on Old by Edgeworth Johnstone

Artwork on Debris of dreams by KlarEm

Artwork on Nowhere dream by Melissa LeRay

Artwork on Strangest thing by Michelle Taylor

Artwork on Note to myself by Celene Terry

Artwork on Just a dog by Kazuya Akimoto (as far as I am aware)

Artwork on I hope by Zhuravlev Victor

Artwork on Questions by Erica Hopper

Artwork on Lost by Miroslaw Chelchowski

Artwork on Haiku 2 by Matt Dubee

Artwork on Haiku 3 by Paul Podhorsky

Artwork on Haiku 4 by Nancy Standlee

Artwork on Haiku 6 by Angel Turner Dyke

Artwork on Haiku 9 by Mark Harrison

Artwork on Haiku 18 by John Atkinson

Artwork on Haiku 14 by James McNeill Whistler

Artwork on Haiku 20 by Christine Dobbin

Artwork on Haiku 22 by Hasegawa Tohaku

Art work on Haiku 23 by Rob Piercy

Artwork on Haiku 26 by Peter Reid

Artwork on Haiku 28 by Van Mantino

Artwork on Haiku 29 by Micheal Ward

Artwork on Haiku 32 by Tiffany Chantel

Artwork on Haiku by Julie Ford Oliver

Artwork on Haiku by Leslie Allen

Artwork on Senryu 9 by Norman Rockwell

Artwork on Senryu 18 by John Michael Bullock (Strangled painting)

Artwork on Senryu 26 by Tatyana Seamon

Artwork on Senryu 27 by Yavishtha Kaushik (Uncomfortable)

Artwork on Senryu 28 by Brenda Clews

Artwork on Senryu 30 by Amber Osterhout

Artwork on Tanka 1 by Charlotte Evans

Artwork on Tanka 5 by Lauren Taylor Slevin

Artwork on Tanka 8 by Nadine Saupe

Artwork on Tanka 12 by Andy Morris

Artwork on Tanka 16 by Henry Fuseli (Nightmare painting)

Artwork on Tanka 17 by Ken Kenneth John Pugh

Artwork on Tanka 18 by Chizz Chizz

Artwork on Tanka by Liliana Monteiro

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