Word to the wise

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There was fear
Before there was love
I’ve experienced all the others
Still, don’t ask about trust
As eyes connect to my
I’m usually so shy
I’ll finish here
Say goodbye
Then go home and cry

It’s a lie for a lie
It’s our job to go pry
I want your names
Your numbers
All your reasons for why
Some live in disguise
No-one seems to rise
There’s little or no sentiment
Just some word to the wise




The first time i saw you,
I’ve hated you since
I’ve rated and stated and flirted with sin
It’s not aways easy to speak about things
And slot into roles of laughter and cringe
But you know this don’t you
Been waiting for this
Your moment
Your chance
That shot you cant miss
To tag me with labels
And touch me with words
No right to step forward
The message so blurred
Yet that never stops you
And neither will this
Live just to play
Chasing glamour and glitz

Blurred (Reading on soundcloud)





If this is just a dream
It’s the strangest place i’ve seen
From morning through til night
Things don’t feel quite right
I’ve waited here so long
I wake to see you’re gone
So panic turns to grief
Tell me i’m asleep

(AABBCCDD rhyme and loose syllable count)