Friday Fantasy ~ Time After Time – #poetry

Really enjoyed reading this the other day.

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

siren-1191032_960_720Her calling brings longing
To souls lost at sea
Songs of the Siren
She sings them for thee

For men and their ships
Who have sailed to the deep
She callously draws them
Into eternal sleep

With songs from the bottom
Of a watery grave
They’re captured by beauty
Forever enslaved

And though they all know
These tales of the brine
Still they go searching
Time after time….

©2015 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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I really enjoyed reading this sonnet from gatheryerosebud blog today.

conquering the void

She was the center of a tulip bud,
Soft guitar strings strumming as she unfolds
She was red like her rosy blush, like blood
Like clay, defying the confines of molds.

She was a pearl of silent laughter,
Flowers growing in her lungs, in her veins
She was the ampersand, the thereafter
Lost souls aboard her small words like on trains.

She was the world shattering to pieces,
Like a small blue marble dropped to the ground
Flick of hair, and she could cause caprices
She was firm, strong; she had lost, and then found.

She was built up of broken-before bones,
She was a cosmical world of unknowns.

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I’m really liking this poem from notehelfer blog and such fluidity as well.

I can actually picture myself doing the dishes by my own kitchen window looking out at my garden and this playing out then letting out a small sigh/laugh or something before the final two lines and going to intervene.

Cool quote as well

Good Men

Really enjoyed reading this poem today from paulwelsh27 blog.

Paul Welsh - Poetry

Summer’s Stately Home
bell ringing Fordism for carters and nags
past sounds sipped by male moustached lips
brazen beer breath hawkers
pulling equine straight-on
gallops are the death
Victorians without clean drinking water
drunken socialists are red lava over wealth redistribution
Locksmithery struck from the Plebian curriculum
hot tracing sunshine blazing trails towards tour guides eyes
hallelujah for Marx’s opium
Exocet missile rays of distraction
cracked elbows on cracked glass
mongrel mania
great house and greater leader
Volk love, scalped, handled hearts

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Facebook Sonnet for Lindsay

Really like this sonnet from inlovelustandlaughter blog.


When once we danced apart but in the same room,
Hoping to breathe deeply, build more muscle,
Loud music made much talking just a rare boon,
And once it stopped, we turned back to life’s bustle.
A smile or quick hello-goodbye to bind us
Thus loosely but in patterns of our lives,
Our selves seemed different enough to find us
Removed in all but as our husbands’ wives.
But now! Our funneled selves poured in such narrow
Impixelated shapes we share on screen,
With words and images as sharp as arrows,
We can express most clearly what we mean.
Proximity’s relaxing but can blind you;
You had to move away for me to find you!

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