Did you hear about my friend

Did you hear about my friend today.
He lost his most important part.
Though he has his mouth they say.
Each word a poison dart.
And yet he has both eyes to see.
Just how they make their mark.
Did you hear about my friend today.
Inside he has no heart.


Delusions in my mind

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‘Woops-see! I don’t know
I don’t have ‘skillz’ and I don’t have flow
I’ve gone thirty two years and i’m still unknown
I swore to keep that secret and never let it show
Still I’ve grown
I’m older and wiser
I have ambitions in life to get much higher
To maybe start a family
Even get a wife
The sort of stuff I used to have around me
Yet that’s the tragedy of time
I used to spend most of mine trying to notice any signs
I’d listen to other people and think how relevant are their rhymes
I drew my own conclusions and what did I find?
I’m just another freak with delusions in my mind.