Rate of decline

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Look… You can chat on Snap, Facebook, Insta n that
You can even post a status on Twitter; react!
Followers and likes; another part of the trap
Me; myself, i’d rather live life with human contact
Still; everyone wants to be famous
On platforms were people only shame us
Blame us for things that were never on their mind
It’s the kind of thing i’m seeing on social media all the time
Which is fine
I’ll shine
Through lyrics that describe
That paint a picture
It may be bleak
It’s the rate of our decline




Open your eyes

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Open your eyes
I’ll give you my reasons
The names Gretl Feeson
And today i’ll be speaking
About war and combat
Take Syria to start
They’re gassing civilians
Tearing families apart
Then what of Iraq
Isis attacks
These problems and acts
Make world powers react
Retract! Retract!
These statements aren’t facts
Another loser piece of trash
I see no problem with that


Under our skin


Lifes obscene
It always has been
For better or worse
Here we’re still standin’
There are many many others
Always flirting with sin
I’m really only here for the thrill of the win
So when you all come in
Place your tongues in the bin
I’m not even kiddin’ here’s a knife to begin
I’ll even get a phone ‘n’ get an ambulance ready
I always feel so nervous when I sound this unsteady
Already one grins
Blood drips from their chin
It’s obvious such problems
Haunt us under our skin