Chicken bhuna and creamy masala

Hi there,

Tonight in my weekly visit towards Indian cuisine (in a takeaway menu kinda way) I decided to try and make two curries for a bit of variety at the table.

It turned out really delicious and I will try again for sure.

So here is the pictures of the end product.

Homemade chicken Bhuna along with creamy chicken masala.




Have a great day everyone!

Peach & plum pie

Hi there,

So today I made peach and plum pie and it was actually very simple. I bought short crust pastry mixture which probably had something to do with it. Here are the pictures. 🙂

The base for the filling.


And the top to cover the contents


The peaches and plums sliced and into a frying pan with brown sugar.



After filling the pie I covered it with the pastry top and pressed the edges before coating it with egg and sugar.


The end result before it was cut and after.



It was very nice although next time i’m going to add some caster sugar to the pastry mix to see if I can sweeten the taste of the pasty as it seemed a bit plain but overall I was very pleased how it turned out seeing as it was my first ever try at cooking a pie

Beef kefta w/vegetables & potato fritters

So today I made… well i’m not entirely sure what it was by the end but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I started by boiling some potatoes and cutting them into ‘fritters’ before setting them aside.


I made a stuffing with mince and onion combined with garlic, cumin, tumeric, sugar, salt, ground almonds and corriander which I set aside as well as I prepared and sliced the mini aubergines which would make my boats for the stuffing. I grilled these until they browned and cut them vertically to allow my stuffing a place to call home and put them in my oven.



As I was waiting for these to cook I prepared my vegetables which contained button mushrooms, brocolli, asparagus and red onion, I added pancetta to this later along with butter which makes all the difference.


I forgot to take a picture of my tomato sauce but it was a bit of a strange one as far as ingredients. It contained chopped tomatoes, cumin, curry powder, salt, black pepper and basil and to my suprise it was actually very nice 🙂

Anyway, the end result… behold!



Three cheeses baked ziti


Tonight I made three cheese baked ziti, it was very nice but very filling. I couldn’t get ziti pasta so had to make do with rigatoni. The cheeses were provolone, mozzarella and parmesan. It also had mince and spicy italian sausage along with onions and a homemade pasta sauce. It kinda reminded me of lasagne.

It was a very italian vibe today as I made myself spagetti with tomato & basil pasta sauce with italian sausage for lunch. A very large portion as I missed having my weetabix today haha


Have a great day everyone 🙂

Herbed chicken w/provolone cheese & hasselback potatoes

Okay, so here is herbed chicken with parmesan and provolone cheese accompanied by broccoli and hasselback potatoes. It was very filling but I did thoroughly enjoy it especially with sour cream.

It was quite a lot of work though with the breadcrumbs and preperation time, also the breadcrumbs didn’t stick to the chicken too well.

I know I need a new cooking tray and a frying pan as well.

Stuffed aubergine tagine, rice w/asparagus, mushroom and pancetta

Hello everyone,

Here is what I made for tonights dinner. I thought I would try something quite ambitious and somehow someway it turned out amazing. Really pleased with this and it just goes to show what can be achieved with some effort.

I am of course now destined for masterchef… well maybe not but you get the idea.

For after I made this…


Some call it apple and pear walnut crumble but I call it le emblem e magnificente or simply tooth-rotter.

All in all, I found cooking very enjoyable and look forward to tommorows piece, blahbiddy blahblah, otherwise known as homemade north indian garlic chilli chicken w/chapatis and naan.

Have a great day/night!



Cooking (Introduction)

Hi there!

In my attempt to learn how to cook I have taken over the responsibility of cooking within my household. Yay or possibly nay depending on how it goes :p

Anyway I will be posting recipes and pictures of things I have made and I must say it has been an immensely enjoyable experience aside from the shopping trips, huge amount of dishes and the placenta/pancetta incident that happend at the deli. However we live and learn and I am slowly building up quite the menu.

At the time of writing this I am about about a month in to what I have dubbed the new kitchen revolution and have made a number of different dishes from various cuisines. Mozambique curry, north Indian garlic chilli chicken, cod and butter sauce, beef stroganoff, shepards pie, spaghetti carbonara, herbed parmesan chicken and prawn and pea risotto as well as a few others.

So welcome to the cooking section of letters and notes, enjoy!