Summer days

The alarm sings a song that I do not like.
Mundane and boring still I hear it all the time. 

Outside the dawn choir sings a far finer tune.
Featuring sparrows, finches and blue tits too

A garden view sees two squirrels quarrel
Under a silver birch both flee and climb

Morning passes and now comes noon
To which the sun stands tall with the sky so blue

Majestic and proud, both giggles and barks come from a nearby field.

Good boy and a ladies best friend.

Down the street, the brown gate corner.

Five kids play but first comes numbers.
One turns his back on all the rest though none would know it’s the first of many.

The game begins and goes on and on. It evolves and changes yet on it goes.

The sun goes down.

The sky goes grey

I often think of summer days


To whose words should I listen

To whose words should I listen I often do ask. The man so embittered by the wrongs from the past. A person with feelings not cold to the core. Just resentful of time for the storm seen once more.

Yet whilst few choose to hear stern warnings outside. A guilt we all share yet still seem to divide. We sow all our seeds in a place they wont grow. Our mind grows more weary as we pass on our woe.

To whose words should I listen when no one is speaking. A silence that shows it’s too late for teaching. Eyes drawn in towards sweet ego boost lights. No morals or heart just a screen that shines bright.

To whose words should I listen when tarnished with fear. The voice of the voiceless drowning in tears.

A meeting in the snow

Prawn curry

Prawn curry
Prawn curry with brown rice and tiger bread.
Coconut milk is added along with ground almonds to thicken sauce before adding the prawns.
Red peppers and tomato paste are added to the pan along with a stock.
A little oil is added to the pan before cooking onions til they soften before adding turmeric, curry powder, chilli flakes, garlic and ginger.


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