Letters and notes set list

I’ve decided to try and do my some of my poems live and have assembled a set list of poems I have written that I believe to be of acceptable quality and I am comfortable enough to see myself possibly being able to recite with confidence to capture the ‘Gretl Feeson’ persona I am looking for haha 🙂

Letters & notes, Corr Blimey Records.


Social decline

Help me forget

Delusions in my mind

Letters & notes

I will look to attach additional links like Soundcloud and Youtube within the links.

Delusions in my mind

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‘Woops-see! I don’t know
I don’t have ‘skillz’ and I don’t have flow
I’ve gone thirty two years and i’m still unknown
I swore to keep that secret and never let it show
Still I’ve grown
I’m older and wiser
I have ambitions in life to get much higher
To maybe start a family
Even get a wife
The sort of stuff I used to have around me
Yet that’s the tragedy of time
I used to spend most of mine trying to notice any signs
I’d listen to other people and think how relevant are their rhymes
I drew my own conclusions and what did I find?
I’m just another freak with delusions in my mind.


Lemon chicken w/cauliflower cheese and roast potatoes


This was my farewell my love dinner for my gf before she went sway home haha 🙂

It’s chicken breast in a lemon sauce with cauliflower cheese mixed with broccoli and roast potatoes.

It was really tasty, I was amazed at how well the chicken turned out.

I put it in a lemon juice marinade that was mixed with crushed peppercorns and extra virgin olive oil and a little salt. Left in the fridge for 6 hours. I then wrapped the chicken loosely in tinfoil and put in the oven to cook for 25 minutes 🙂