Delusions in my mind

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‘Woops-see! I don’t know
I don’t have ‘skillz’ and I don’t have flow
I’ve gone thirty two years and i’m still unknown
I swore to keep that secret and never let it show
Still I’ve grown
I’m older and wiser
I have ambitions in life to get much higher
To maybe start a family
Even get a wife
The sort of stuff I used to have around me
Yet that’s the tragedy of time
I used to spend most of mine trying to notice any signs
I’d listen to other people and think how relevant are their rhymes
I drew my own conclusions and what did I find?
I’m just another freak with delusions in my mind.



5 thoughts on “Delusions in my mind

  1. This poem is very powerful. It makes me think. I find that the best poets are able to pull personalities and points of view from others OTHER than themselves. I always worry when I read an intense, melancholy poem that it’s a reflection of the writer. Well, after all my babble I want you to know I really enjoyed this poem.

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  2. Thanks Claudia, I am glad you enjoyed it 🙂 It’s always interesting to entertain the negative part our characters in the modern word and I think that’s what I was going for with this. I’m trying to develop it as more of a spoken word piece.


  3. Your poem is lighter than some I’ve read, which begs me to ask…do you think poets are as dark as some of their writings? I always enjoy the deep ones, although they do make me sad sometimes to think that someone is in such a dark place. I never know whether to address that side or to just enjoy the poem for what it is. (usually the second choice)

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    1. Hi Claudia, hope you are well. Sorry for the super late reply, struggling to keep blogging atm as really busy working n not got laptop for now which has always been my preferred medium. I just read poems as I feel they come across. I write really dark poems but I’m a really positive person I swear haha I find that for me i use poetry n spoken word as an outlet for that side of my persona haha a great question though n an interesting concept for sure. I’ve started doing live stuff now which I’ll hopefully post soon. i read many poems n think i wonder what that person is like but I guess you can never really know, especially when many are still learning the trade so to speak. A great question though, I totally relate!😃

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