Open your eyes

Image result for open your eyes painting

There was fear
Before there was love
I’ve experienced all the others
Still, don’t ask about trust
As I open my eyes
I surely must try
I’ll finish here
Say goodbye
Then go home and cry

It’s just lies for lies
It’s our job to go pry
I want your names
Your numbers
All your reasons for why
Most live in disguise
No-one on the rise
There’s little or no sentiment
We need to open our eyes

Look, here are my reasons
The name’s Gretl Feeson
And today i’ll be speaking
About war and combat
Take Syria to start
They’re gassing civilians
Tearing families apart
Then what of Iraq
Isis attacks
These problems and acts
Make world powers react
Retract! Retract!
Those statements aren’t facts
Another loser piece of trash
I have no problems with that


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