Spinach & ricotta cannelloni

Spinach & ricotta cannelloni tonight.

A big bowl of ultra sauce:

Spinach (150g)
Mushrooms (100g)
Garlic (Tspn)
2 egg yokes
Black pepper
Cheddar cheese (50g)
Herbs (I used oregano, basil & chives)

Fill cannelloni tubes with mixture and arrange in buttered dish, cover in passata and add the second wave of cheese, cover in tin foil in the oven for 20 minutes. Remove tinfoil, add garlic bread or whatever side you choose to have I would start preparing about now while cooking the cannelloni uncovered for another 20-25 minutes and it should be all good.

I really enjoyed this. The spinach mixture and the passata coming together is very pleasing and although it could be argued that it is a bit hardcore on the prep front I think it is worth it.

I see it as a different take on lasagne and my views on spinach have been changed forever haha


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