Pomegranate & tomato chicken stew w/sides

Hi there,


This is great, lots of fruit and veg in it too.

For three people

Olive oil (who knows)

Butter (who knows)

Salt (who knows)

Pepper (who knows)

Ginger (who knows)

Carrot (who knows, grated)

Tomatoes (3)

Chicken breast (3)

Pomegranate seeds (small tub)

Sugar (teaspoon)

Sweet potatoes (who knows)

Spinach (half a bag)

Bell peppers (Mix it up)

Red onion (Quite a lot)


Pomegranate seeds n three tomatoes in a blender and a teaspoon of sugar.

Cut your chicken breast into chucks and season with salt and pepper, marinate with sauce for a while; I did it for the time it took my oven to heat up to 200 degrees. Put it in a dish with some olive oil and lots of red onion.

Cut and boil sweet potatoes

Fry up some spinach, peppers and grated carrot

Drain sweet potatoes and mix in some ginger and put on a tray with some butter and ginger for about 5 – 7 minutes and viola.

It was really tasty.


Under our skin


Lifes obscene
It always has been
For better or worse
Here we’re still standin’
There are many many others
Always flirting with sin
I’m really only here for the thrill of the win
So when you all come in
Place your tongues in the bin
I’m not even kiddin’ here’s a knife to begin
I’ll even get a phone ‘n’ get an ambulance ready
I always feel so nervous when I sound this unsteady
Already one grins
Blood drips from their chin
It’s obvious such problems
Haunt us under our skin