I’m really liking this poem from notehelfer blog and such fluidity as well.

I can actually picture myself doing the dishes by my own kitchen window looking out at my garden and this playing out then letting out a small sigh/laugh or something before the final two lines and going to intervene.

Cool quote as well

Gathering Stones Strung on Threads

D. Helen Mackie  willockandsaxgallery.comD. Helen Mackie

Is there anything quite as free
as two blue`jays in an alder tree

Waiting for the faithful Seeder
to fill again their empty feeder

Watching from a kitchen window
listening to their blue`jay lingo

What the one says to the other
sure can’t be words of a lover

Just imagine what a wife would say
if her husband spoke to her that way

Wife: What’s the matter with you!
Husband: What’s the matter with you!

Back and forth the imitation goes
where it will end God only knows

Guess it’s time to intervene
Blue`jays can get awful mean

“When people are free to do as they please,
they usually imitate each other.” ~ Eric Hoffer

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