Growing fruit & veg

Hi everyone.

Here is some pictures of my ongoing garden project. It is year one. Im gathering materials for planned expansion.







Apple tree action





And we had some animal gang activity with seven magpies going on the offensive against a squirrel.
Tried to capture it as best as I could.




It was awesome.



I’m really liking this poem from notehelfer blog and such fluidity as well.

I can actually picture myself doing the dishes by my own kitchen window looking out at my garden and this playing out then letting out a small sigh/laugh or something before the final two lines and going to intervene.

Cool quote as well

Poem from restored blisses


A voice oscillating so melodically
How have I never heard its call before?
Seeping over me so intrinsically
Eagerly hankering for its encore
Oh sweet sweet symphony
Instills me with a sense of sense
A catalyst for my epiphony
How could I ever recompense?
Bewitched by the notes they charm
My fears and frets disarm
Here I lay blissfully limp
Taken away into nostalgias palm

Charcoal Explorations

I really love these paintings and the poem as well. The paintings also remind me of the aftermath of a heavy battle, bombing or seige.

Fruitful Dark

FruitfulDark: Charcoal Landscape Invented Landscape in Charcoal

I have been spending about 20 minutes each morning working in charcoal. I generally work without any plan or source. I have only about four basic charcoal colours, but I use mainly black and white. 

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Landscapes – i am coming! #worldwatercolormonth

I love this landscape, watercolour makes it seem so dream like 🙂 Really awesome!


SONY DSC My 14-1/31 ‪#‎worldwatercolormonth‬ // 171_2016 Watercolor-Sketches /Daler-Rowney Graduate Sketchbook, 2 x 21,0 x 14,9 cm / 2x 8.3 x 5.8 in

Beside painting ´my´ houses I want to concentrate much more on landscape-painting the next months. I think that landscape painting is something where I can loosen my brush and free my mind probably the best way. I hope that the weather will be okay for it during the next weeks until autumn because I really feel the craving for plein-air painting getting stronger and stronger. In less than two weeks I expect my plein-air easel to arrive. I already bought a light-weight foamboard to stretch my paper on and I am going to prepare it for painting with loads of water. J These two sketches are from last night – not plein-air – just a little late night practice after work.

SONY DSC My 14-2/31 ‪#‎worldwatercolormonth‬ // 172_2016 Watercolor-Sketches /Marabu Mixed…

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The first time i saw you,
I’ve hated you since
I’ve rated and stated and flirted with sin
It’s not aways easy to speak about things
And slot into roles of laughter and cringe
But you know this don’t you
Been waiting for this
Your moment
Your chance
That shot you cant miss
To tag me with labels
And touch me with words
No right to step forward
The message so blurred
Yet that never stops you
And neither will this
Live just to play
Chasing glamour and glitz

Blurred (Reading on soundcloud)