Allotment progress

Hello there:)

Hope we are all feeling well. It was a really sunny day today and has been for the last week or so and feeling inspired and motivated I continued my recent garden project by deciding to tackle the back again.

Today I built another section to grow vegetables in, I might of went  overboard but i’m working with minimum tools which makes it particularly difficult.The materials are from some old furniture, mainly a wardrobe and bed frame. I’m going to try and source out some topsoil before I get paid and then I will be planting something on this side as well. The pots will be filled as well and put to use with a variety of fruit and vegetables.


In time I envision a nice statue, a pond and maybe a small patio table and chair number 🙂 I will post pics of my herbs and strawberry plants as well in the near future, they are on the balcony at the front of the house.




Enjoy and let me know what you think and be sure to help me if you have any useful tips.




5 thoughts on “Allotment progress

  1. Our local council provides free compost from one of the recycling centres, just as turn up with a shovel and some plastic sacks and help yourself. We also get free farmyard manure from a farmer on Freecycle. Both much cheaper than buying topsoil. I put a layer of cardboard in the bottom of the new raised bed (check out when local shops have their rubbish collection, always loads of cardboard going), then throw all the compost and manure in and mix it up. I use this straight away with potatoes as they are greedy or cover it with more cardboard and leave it a couple of months to break down for other crops. Alternatively, robust plants like fruit bushes can be planted in it straight away. Top it up with this mixture each year as the soil in the beds compacts down and need more nutrients. Good luck 😀

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