001 Broken down wardrobe allotment


So I bet you’re probably thinking what did the broken down wardrobe say to the wannabe allotment… maybe not but heres the pics anyway.


I have big plans for this, maybe it’s early enthusiasm but I envision growing vegetables in the allotment maybe a selection of herbs or fruit in the front square pots and something decorative at the back.

Few different angles here, the bin, tools and soil will be removed from the slabs for a mixture of pots and a small seating/observation area.


This is the area im digging up at the moment to make another allotment area for other vegetables. Potatoes or carrots most likely. I shall keep you updated.

It’s crazy the difference in my life from gardening, cooking and writing poetry haha i’m a changed man! 🙂 Really satisfying. I shall post pics of my balcony as well soon. A variety of herbs, a good few strawberry plants and two apple trees started today so happy days all round!

Have a great day.


8 thoughts on “001 Broken down wardrobe allotment

      1. Sounds great!! I’m currently growing peas, bokchoy, radishes, carrots and onions. Tomatoes, peppers and more later on in the season. Looking forward to following you and your growing posts! Happy growing.

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  1. I also look forward to your growing posts. I am growing lots of different types of squash (they store well and are delicious). Chiltern Seeds offer good varieties. Also asparagus which is already poking rudely up through the soil. 🎃

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