Hi everyone☺

So as you may know with my previous posts i’ve been doing a lot of work in my garden and balcony.

Here are some pics from the balcony☺


This is my herb garden. It contains coriander, mint, oregano, sage, parsley, rocket, basil, a lemon thing and a lavender plant for good measure.


Here are 4 tomato plants, a few different varieties, there are also 2 down in my back garden were my allotment is situated.


A sitting area were I spend most of my time chilling if the sun permits.


A couple of strawberry plants, one is fairing a lot better than the other though.


A flower plant by the door, still to clean this area properly though.

Thanks for following my progress, I’ve done a lot more work since in my back garden so I will post pics of that tomorrow☺

Happy days!


Good Men

Really enjoyed reading this poem today from paulwelsh27 blog.

Paul Welsh - Poetry

Summer’s Stately Home
bell ringing Fordism for carters and nags
past sounds sipped by male moustached lips
brazen beer breath hawkers
pulling equine straight-on
gallops are the death
Victorians without clean drinking water
drunken socialists are red lava over wealth redistribution
Locksmithery struck from the Plebian curriculum
hot tracing sunshine blazing trails towards tour guides eyes
hallelujah for Marx’s opium
Exocet missile rays of distraction
cracked elbows on cracked glass
mongrel mania
great house and greater leader
Volk love, scalped, handled hearts

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Allotment progress

Hello there:)

Hope we are all feeling well. It was a really sunny day today and has been for the last week or so and feeling inspired and motivated I continued my recent garden project by deciding to tackle the back again.

Today I built another section to grow vegetables in, I might of went  overboard but i’m working with minimum tools which makes it particularly difficult.The materials are from some old furniture, mainly a wardrobe and bed frame. I’m going to try and source out some topsoil before I get paid and then I will be planting something on this side as well. The pots will be filled as well and put to use with a variety of fruit and vegetables.


In time I envision a nice statue, a pond and maybe a small patio table and chair number 🙂 I will post pics of my herbs and strawberry plants as well in the near future, they are on the balcony at the front of the house.




Enjoy and let me know what you think and be sure to help me if you have any useful tips.




001 Broken down wardrobe allotment


So I bet you’re probably thinking what did the broken down wardrobe say to the wannabe allotment… maybe not but heres the pics anyway.


I have big plans for this, maybe it’s early enthusiasm but I envision growing vegetables in the allotment maybe a selection of herbs or fruit in the front square pots and something decorative at the back.

Few different angles here, the bin, tools and soil will be removed from the slabs for a mixture of pots and a small seating/observation area.


This is the area im digging up at the moment to make another allotment area for other vegetables. Potatoes or carrots most likely. I shall keep you updated.

It’s crazy the difference in my life from gardening, cooking and writing poetry haha i’m a changed man! 🙂 Really satisfying. I shall post pics of my balcony as well soon. A variety of herbs, a good few strawberry plants and two apple trees started today so happy days all round!

Have a great day.

Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Richard Stainthorp

I love this! These sculptures by Richard Stainthorp are so cool

Humoring the Goddess

English artist Richard Stainthorp captures the beautiful energy and fluidity of the human body using wire.


Wire is not automatically what one would consider as a ‘material’ for creating solid, three dimensional sculptures.

wire sculpture1

But Stainthorp has been making wire sculptures since 1996.


The life-sized sculptures feature both figures in motion and at rest, expressed in the form of large-gauged strands that are densely wrapped around and through one another.


Stainthorp also allows the bent wires to shine by keeping their metallic appearance free from any obvious painting or additions.


The breathtaking spirals add a depth to these structures made of thick-gauged strands that are densely wrapped around and through one another.


More of Richard Stainthorp’s wonderful wire sculptures can be found at,   and

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Facebook Sonnet for Lindsay

Really like this sonnet from inlovelustandlaughter blog.


When once we danced apart but in the same room,
Hoping to breathe deeply, build more muscle,
Loud music made much talking just a rare boon,
And once it stopped, we turned back to life’s bustle.
A smile or quick hello-goodbye to bind us
Thus loosely but in patterns of our lives,
Our selves seemed different enough to find us
Removed in all but as our husbands’ wives.
But now! Our funneled selves poured in such narrow
Impixelated shapes we share on screen,
With words and images as sharp as arrows,
We can express most clearly what we mean.
Proximity’s relaxing but can blind you;
You had to move away for me to find you!

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