I really like these painting from gretchenwood blog.

Gretchen Wood

As an artist….  every blank canvas is speaking to you… asking who you are….to show yourself to the world through manipulation of pigments suspended in medium. Art itself is an expression of who one is as an individual… but sometimes, as is the case with me, the individual is at war with themselves. I have two strong opposing sides to my personality. I love order and structure and for things to look real and perfect….. and on the flip side… I love chaos and creativity and messiness and abstractions and all sorts of rich vibrant colors. Merging the two as a painter… or as anything… is all about balance… and finding something to appease both sides. And I suppose that’s what all of life is about… finding a working balance.

This piece titled, “Rogue”, is a little bit of a reflection of this thought…. because I am always striving to…

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