En Plein Air – April 13th, 2016 – Backyard Sycamore

Really like this acrylic, love the colours used. (Painting by Debra Hunter)

Debra Hunter - Canadian photography, art and handmade

blog backyard sycamore april 13 2016 8x10_4699 Backyard Sycamore – April 13, 2016 – 8″x10″ – acrylic on paper

Four en plein air paintings in four days. I am continuing to work on paper with acrylic. I had a little more time than I did yesterday to paint which was nice, as was working on an easel. One thing I was wanting to achieve with this piece was stronger colors as I think I tend to be too cautious when painting on location. I think I take the colors of the natural landscape too literally and too seriously, and I wanted to change that. So today’s piece is gutsier and maybe more honest to the way I like to paint trees.

The challenge continues. Now to decide what to paint tomorrow!

Painting by Debra Hunter







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