Beef kefta w/vegetables & potato fritters

So today I made… well i’m not entirely sure what it was by the end but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I started by boiling some potatoes and cutting them into ‘fritters’ before setting them aside.


I made a stuffing with mince and onion combined with garlic, cumin, tumeric, sugar, salt, ground almonds and corriander which I set aside as well as I prepared and sliced the mini aubergines which would make my boats for the stuffing. I grilled these until they browned and cut them vertically to allow my stuffing a place to call home and put them in my oven.



As I was waiting for these to cook I prepared my vegetables which contained button mushrooms, brocolli, asparagus and red onion, I added pancetta to this later along with butter which makes all the difference.


I forgot to take a picture of my tomato sauce but it was a bit of a strange one as far as ingredients. It contained chopped tomatoes, cumin, curry powder, salt, black pepper and basil and to my suprise it was actually very nice 🙂

Anyway, the end result… behold!




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