Spring Break-Ukiah/Redwood Valley

I really like this landscape painting from jillmillwardartwork.com

Jill Millward Artwork


8X8 oil on canvas

Remember that I’m painting about my spring break?  This is stop #2.  After Spending a couple of days in Tahoe at Squaw Valley we went on to Ukiah to visit my family.  I was born and raised in Ukiah (Northern California) and my parents and youngest sister still live there.  Ukiah and the area surrounding from the Napa Valley to the coast is truly breathtaking.

For the first few days we were in Ukiah it rained a lot.  On Monday we went over to my sisters house.  She lives in a local vineyard.  While I was there the rain let up and the sun shone down on the bright green grass around the grapevines and I went out and took some pictures of the area around her house.  This is her view from her kitchen window.  The grapevines are still lifeless looking but everything surrounding them…

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4 thoughts on “Spring Break-Ukiah/Redwood Valley

  1. love your strong expressive brushwork! that caught my eye straight away, so wonderfully expressive. You also handle the tones and edges gently and create a soft evocative atmosphere that I love. Cheers, Debi


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