Herbed chicken w/provolone cheese & hasselback potatoes

Okay, so here is herbed chicken with parmesan and provolone cheese accompanied by broccoli and hasselback potatoes. It was very filling but I did thoroughly enjoy it especially with sour cream.

It was quite a lot of work though with the breadcrumbs and preperation time, also the breadcrumbs didn’t stick to the chicken too well.

I know I need a new cooking tray and a frying pan as well.

3 thoughts on “Herbed chicken w/provolone cheese & hasselback potatoes

    1. Yeah i used egg but i think it’s because my frying pan is rubbish as stuff seems to stick to it so easily hence stripping the breadcrumb off the chicken bits 😦

      Haha as far as i’m aware it’s just a potato with three quarter slices in them. They were quite nice, think i’ll be making them again 🙂

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