Stuffed aubergine tagine, rice w/asparagus, mushroom and pancetta

Hello everyone,

Here is what I made for tonights dinner. I thought I would try something quite ambitious and somehow someway it turned out amazing. Really pleased with this and it just goes to show what can be achieved with some effort.

I am of course now destined for masterchef… well maybe not but you get the idea.

For after I made this…


Some call it apple and pear walnut crumble but I call it le emblem e magnificente or simply tooth-rotter.

All in all, I found cooking very enjoyable and look forward to tommorows piece, blahbiddy blahblah, otherwise known as homemade north indian garlic chilli chicken w/chapatis and naan.

Have a great day/night!




6 thoughts on “Stuffed aubergine tagine, rice w/asparagus, mushroom and pancetta

  1. We managed to make 1 tagine out of a beautiful book – it turned out excellent, though we are less and less impressed when we try the recipe again for some reason. We wait a good few months between redos.
    The other tagines we tried have turned out awfully. I have nooo idea why; it’s maddening! Tagines have this wonderful ingredient list often blending your meats with fruit and nuts and so much potential! Yours LOOKS like it turned out lovely, that’s for sure.

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    1. This was the first one I tried and i was very skeptical while i was making it but it was very tasty in the end and different to what im used to.

      By the way love your sub heading on your blog, sharing poetry is like taking your clothes off in public. Look forward to checking some of it out later.


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