Cooking (Introduction)

Hi there!

In my attempt to learn how to cook I have taken over the responsibility of cooking within my household. Yay or possibly nay depending on how it goes :p

Anyway I will be posting recipes and pictures of things I have made and I must say it has been an immensely enjoyable experience aside from the shopping trips, huge amount of dishes and the placenta/pancetta incident that happend at the deli. However we live and learn and I am slowly building up quite the menu.

At the time of writing this I am about about a month in to what I have dubbed the new kitchen revolution and have made a number of different dishes from various cuisines. Mozambique curry, north Indian garlic chilli chicken, cod and butter sauce, beef stroganoff, shepards pie, spaghetti carbonara, herbed parmesan chicken and prawn and pea risotto as well as a few others.

So welcome to the cooking section of letters and notes, enjoy!


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