Soundcloud introduction

Hi everyone,

Thanks for following and supporting letters and notes. I’ve found so many cool and interesting blogs since starting a wordpress blog it’s really great.

Sorry for the lack of posts today, i’ve been trying to make letters and notes more active on a variety of other social media sites such as stumbleupon, twitter, tumblr and youtube.

Anyway with that in mind i’m starting a soundcloud page for poetry readings to provide another angle for the blog. At first I will be reading my own poems and hopefully in time other poems as well. A poetry podcast of sorts will hopefully be in the works but we shall see how I get on.

So for the introduction I have posted four poems while I’ll be compiling the first podcast over the next few days.

Don’t let them shine their lights

Promised land


Take these emotions

Enjoy, share and comment.

And if you have a soundcloud, add me.





4 thoughts on “Soundcloud introduction

    1. Yeah, it’s a good idea I think, i’m on twitter, tumblr and soundcloud now which i find really useful for sharing and getting more exposure.

      The best thing by far I have found though is this StumbleUpon site, it basically makes navigating the web so much easier as it caters to your interests, I really love it as you can share lots of really cool stuff 🙂

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