Really great piece on Eugene Boudin from eclecticlight.

The Eclectic Light Company

At the First Impressionist Exhibition, which opened on 15 April 1874, Eugène Boudin is listed as showing six items, although in fact these covered three oil paintings, six pastels, and four watercolours: thirteen works in all.

Biography – Eugène Louis Boudin (1824–1898)

He was born in Honfleur, on the north coast of France at the mouth of the River Seine opposite Le Havre, on 12 July 1824. His father worked on the Le Havre-Honfleur ferry, and in 1835 the family moved to Le Havre, where the following year Eugène started work at a printer’s then a stationery shop.

In 1844 he opened his own stationers which also framed paintings, but the following year Millet saw some of his amateur paintings, and Boudin resolved to make painting his future. His shop framed the work of, and sold art materials to, Couture, Troyon, and Millet. It was also a centre of artistic…

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