Really like this watercolour painting from, so cool.


Starting with a sketch I block in the Robin with a mix of trans  pyrrol orange and Hansa yellow (medium) on the breast and vandyke brown with a touch of cobalt blue dropped in on the back.  Blues and Browns make gorgeous greys


Before s/he is completely dry I paint in the background with a mix of White Nights green and a green gold. The lazy painters choice. I’ve been looking up mixing greens on You Tube with the intention of cracking this bad habit and have posted the link on Facebook (look for Art Classes BN3). When I started painting with watercolour the choice of yellows was somewhat limited and involved using cadmiums,  which are gorgeous but quite opaque and lift off the paper very easily, muddying subsequent layers. Nowadays there is far more choice of clean transparent yellows and I’ve opted for the Hansa yellows, a translucent yellow…

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