Another painting I really like.

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coral reefer madness

This is so cool.

When I look at this I see this (now bear with me here haha) bits of the world being upturned, theres a big 18 wheeler truck, petrol stations, seaside resorts, trees, airports, planes like some kind of huge natural disaster all mashed together and then theres two prominent eyes in the centre looking down upon it all yet their position still indicates they’re a part of this manifestation of what humanity has become.

Thats what i see anyway 🙂 Really great.

Helen Bird Art

010 (800x708).jpg mixed media on wood 2016

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Really love this painting, I find it quite peaceful

graham mcquade


I’ve had photos of this around for months. It is the nearest hill for miles and I’ve done many paintings around the area. I do a lot of painting outdoors in the vicinity and I took some photos in early summer when the view caught my eye as I cycled past and then later I took some more as I was passing  when the gate post on the left was covered in brambles so this is an amalgam of early and late summer. More emphasis on the end of the summer hence the title. It certainly was the end of his gate.

More paintings of Clieves’ Hills are on my website:

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Ghosts Of Your War

Reallly enjoyed reading this one, excellent.


What do you write when all that your heart can offer is radio silence.
In between the frequencies, listen and search
for the lost words that were swallowed up by oceans.
Don’t look for them on the surface.
I never trusted the wind.
I was far too much in love with it, you see.
Verses got off the train home and dug themselves a shallow grave.
Sometimes, usually after midnight,
they scratch the headstones of the past when they call me up
and tell me they miss me.
Wars make soldiers out of poets.
I’ve found a gun in an empty diary in the drawer.
Maybe we’ll need it when ghosts crawl inside our chests and call it home.
Close your eyes and pretend
that it’s ten years ago from now.
Go back to the time when you didn’t believe in ghosts.
Go back to the time when you didn’t…

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