Isn’t there anything else to ask?
The radio’s talking again
Yet while searching my brainwaves
I stumbled on answers
Dancing in circles
Jubilant fool
More questions
In floods



15 thoughts on “Drowned

  1. I enjoyed reading this from top to bottom then from bottom to top…there is sadness wrapped in words like flood and drown and in the image…this brings to mind the number of drownings that occur each year along coastal areas where people fish for a living…I know of more than twelve drownings in my life and all of them were people I knew (family, friends and acquaintances )…I love the form of this, Gretl!

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    1. Thanks a lot for reading, that’s an interesting interpitation and sorry for your loss. I was thinking more on the struggle with all the things society can want us to be, drowning in a wave of expectation as people form unrealistic expectations of us and were that leaves us as a result.

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      1. You are welcome and thanks for the sentiments…yes, indeed, society does make it difficult for us to stay afloat sometimes…

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