I really like this painting

Brotherly Love

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I usually post a warmup exercise before I perform my experiment. Today, my warmup exercise and experiment are one and the same. I continue to pursue the elusive blot.

The advice in the book from which I am learning (the Tate Watercolour Manual, Lessons from the Great Masters by Tony Smibert and Joyce Townsend) was to continue playing with blots. They suggest using different kinds of brushes and to blot with a purpose. That is, instead of randomly smudging and scrunching the brush around the paper, scrunch and smudge in shapes that resemble the intended subject. Today that subject is trees.

Watercolor: Blot Painting Using Fan Brush Treescape
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I used my fan brush for the first time since I bought it (aside from a test run). I used three different pigments in this study. The first was burnt umber, which I applied with the fan brush. I…

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