The Topless Teaparty

Really like these paintings from marleykorzenart

Lady Burrwick's Third Eye


Hello!! The time has come, my friends to have another post, it has been a great long while, but I have been working on a lovely story this past month which I am happy to finish today!! This painting took a long while due to it’s size and detail. I modeled the location after Prince Edward Islands and had the subject idea of a topless tea party (obviously) from nude sunbathing. Because what better way to catch the rich sunshine on your skin then to peel of thy wretched clothing! It is getting quite chilly out so I can’t do this much….


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3 thoughts on “The Topless Teaparty

    1. No, if only…

      This is just a reblog, there is a link to all the originals and the artists other stuff as well.

      I think they’re really cool as well. I really like the one with the woman holding the teacup.


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