Today’s Art (1st November 2015)

This is really cool!

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Well, I was feeling less inspired than I had hoped and, after several failed attempts at making paintings – I eventually challenged myself to paint a picture that (mostly) only use the three primary colours. Although this painting didn’t turn out anywhere near as well as I’d expected, at least I was actually able to finish this one.

As usual, this painting is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"The Fire Gate" By C. A. Brown “The Fire Gate” By C. A. Brown

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One thought on “Today’s Art (1st November 2015)

  1. Paint what you feel and the imagery will take shape. Don’t approach painting with any expectation. Allow the process to be very organic. There are a number of great artists that didn’t have great technical ability, but they were blessed with great imagination. Jasper Johns, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jackson Pollock all found ways to make truly transcendent art by finding their own style, even if they were not great technicians.


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