Love these paintings from trevormill

Trevor Mill Graphic Designer Ltd

Life drawing is always a challenge.
Here’s the first painting, made in about 5 minutes.
I’m testing out some new colours, tester pots from Farrow & Ball.
Morgan portrait

This image is painted on top of another less successful daub.
This image could have done with another 10 minutes and some smaller brushes. The colours are nice and strong. There is a presence, a sense of thinking about the portrait.Morgan big brush portrait

Here’s the long pose of the night. I’m not 100% satisfied with it.
There is something ‘safe’ about it. I do like the clod hopping feet at the top.Morgan reclines with feet

A small sketch in 10 minutes. The bright red makes the figure dramatic.Morgan with ribbonMorgan headlessAnother 10 minute sketch; drawing the head would have overlapped another image, hence I’ve left it out. 

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