I am here

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i’ve stayed up longer than i’ve wanted to
it’s just a nightmare
and i’m only here until the sun comes up.
but you can’t go on faking
the same smile
day in, day out
because they catch on soon enough.
and instead of keeping every thought locked away
inside your head,
you’ve become the walking poster child
for what you shouldn’t become,
doing everything wrong
in the same
of rebellion,
or so they tell you.
i’ve only got these hands for writing
and the eyes of a child
who’s seen too much despair
yet no visible audience to hear my cries
when it begins to hurt too much.
i hate nighttime and the summer sun
because it reminds me i should be happy
but even on my best days,
it’s a miracle i’m out in the world
exposing myself to people
who would rather forget
people like me existed.

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One thought on “I am here

  1. I thank you for reading my sketch. That is how I found this lovely, eloquent art blog of yours.

    Having just read and re-read your free-verse poem “I am here,” I am content that people such as your protagonist exist. Without them, what an unfeeling — totally desensitized, callous, cold — world this would be.

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