Limmy show (Pilot)

Today I watched the pilot of the Limmy sketch show and I have to say it’s absolutely hilarious. Even better was the fact that afterwards I watched various other clips of him and it really had me in tears for the first time in ages.

It starts off very strangely indeed with a serious of shocked expressions as he sees a clone of himself several times in the distance before the show starts proper.

The shows first sketch is Jacqueline McCafferty an ex-junkie who having had enough of ‘pish stained trackies with sick doon the front’. was now venturing into the good stuff with a visit to versace. What transpires is really funny with some legendary lines.

Jacqueline McCafferty

My next favourite sketch is falconhoof, the host of adventure call. A show where players call in and play a kind of mystical description game were they need to make decisions. It’s so ridiculous.


The rest of the show is really good. Strange bedfellows, social encounters, playground money making schemes and Dee Dee with his deathslide, which is probably the best sketch of the lot.

Dee Dee deathslide

It might just be because this is where I live that I find this so funny but I totally recommend it as it really is laugh out loud material.


‘Uch Da I jus watty know if we wer up oan ‘at def slide or no?’

This improv below is the greatest, so funny. Explicit language btw.

Bank robbery, mum was there sketch


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