Pebble found on the beach

Great write by david potter here. (This is one of my favourite poems since I started blogging.)


I picked a pebble from the beach,

Meaning to throw it into the crashing waves,

But held it back as feeling comfortable in my grasp

And it’s grey pattern having caught my eye.

I held it back in the excitement of the advancing tide

The scrunch of sand and stones beneath my feet

The seagulls loud and raucous call

The salt water’s white spume flying to the breakers line.

I held that fascinating pebble as a momento of that wild day

The busy sounds, the delightful sights, the fish and chips smell of the Suffolk seaside.

Better than sweet rock with the name of the resort running through its middle

I had a heart impressed on that dark pebble

A treasure for my memory of a fine day beside the sea.

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One thought on “Pebble found on the beach

  1. I very much enjoyed reading this poem. I never return home from a trip without a few, sometimes more than a few, pebbles or stones in my suitcase. And as you point out, they are always so much better than anything that could be found in a gift shop ! ❤

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