Drift away and drown


You taught me how to dance when I had never once saw past the debris left behind from discontent. Now standing here proud with my brand new edition of freshly formed weal, I think to myself still smirking.

Even while I rise
my emotions come around —
like winter season.




Romancing Life

Your eyes I can not see
Yet they read me
Like an open book
Laid bare for you only

Your lips I cannot touch
Yet they whisper
Sweet beautiful melodies
You serenade me

Your touch I cannot feel
Yet you envelope me
In a cocoon
Of warmth and safety

Your fragrance I cannot smell
Yet your scent
It surrounds me
Like a silk sheet

Your heartbeat I cannot sense
Yet we are one
You and I, I and you
Bound together

So far away
Yet closer than ever

The other perspective…

Love Always,

Image Source: Lover’s Embrace by Henry Asencio

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Long Time in the Making But Sometimes It Just Takes a Long Time

Really like these. (You will have to click on view original to see the paintings)

Claudia McGill and Her Art World

Long time ago, I somehow got hold of a tiny sketchbook, a little smaller than the size of artist trading cards, 2.5″ x 3.5″. I filled it up with a lot of little drawings in pen.

The notebook sat around for some time. Then I got the idea to color in some of these sketches as well as some I’ve done in larger books. I used watercolor pencils for this project and I LOVED the way they worked and how they felt to use. I will be using them again.

I then took the little pictures and pasted them on to ATC-sized backs, filling the extra spaces with pages from a dictionary, so that they could be official and sturdy ATC’s.

Here they are.

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Who am I


What is this huge lonely garden we call home
How did it become so full of thorns, tell me?
Or maybe it’s the stings of wasps that I feel

Attempting to wake me from this deep slumber
My inclination that this is just a dream

Intruders display true nature of nightmares