Pilot – Sons of Anarchy

Today I watched Sons of Anarchy episode pilot and yes I found it rather enjoyable.

The show focuses on the towns biker gang which goes by the shows namesake. The group have their fingers in many pies but gun running is one of their main gold mines and a subject the episode focuses on.

The episode starts with the destruction of a storage depot by their Mexican rivals, the mayans, to the dismay of the sons of anarchy, they see the guns have been stolen as well and set about making things right.

The show is very alpha male. It’s got violence, bikes, sex, lots of rock music and a group of males who have little or no concern for anything other than themselves. This is summed up when they find the bodies of two women burned to death in the fire yet can only find concern for their missing guns.

It has Charlie Hunnam and Katey Sagal putting in excellent perfomances. Charlie plays Jax Teller, the vice chairman of the sons and Katey plays his manipulative mother who is the matriarch of the sons of anarchy.

I cautiously look forward to watching the rest of this.

4 thoughts on “Pilot – Sons of Anarchy

      1. I can’t remember which was the last series I watched on Amazon and I’ve been kind of distracted by Orphan Black. I promised myself some indulgence in So A when the long, dark nights set in!

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