Coach Carter

Today I watched Coach Carter starring Samuel Jackson, Channing Tatum, Rob Brown, Rick Gonzalez and Ashanti. I really enjoyed it as I found it very uplifting and interesting, all the more so as it’s based on a true story which for me always adds a little something extra.

The story focuses on basketball coach Ken Carter who takes on the vacant coaching position at his old high school Richmond. When he arrives it is clear the team is lacking in teamwork and discipline not too mention their poor fitness levels and poor academic performance

He issues his players with contracts they must abide by if they want any chance of making the team.

These rules include things like wearing suits on matchdays, being on time, no use of profanity and the requirement of each attending and thriving in school classes.

As one would expect this leads to a number of confrontations between the coach and some of the players, however slowly but surely Carter turns the team into winners in both everyday life and on the court as the team manage to win the championship and go on to appear in the regional play-offs.

I always enjoy watching any actor put in a great performance and I feel this is one of Jacksons really good ones so that is always a winner. It’s also interesting seeing Channing Tatum in one of his earlier roles and to hear what happened to the characters real life counterparts.


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