A Study in Pink

Today I watched the Sherlock Holmes pilot ‘A Study in Pink.’

It really is a great watch.

The show starts of by introducing us to an unremarkable looking John Watson, an army doctor just back from Afghanistan. He bumps into an old friend who decides to introduce him to Sherlock Holmes after it is revealed both men are looking for a flat to move into.

Meanwhile Detective Inspector Lestrade is baffled by a number of apparent suicides and much to the dismay of his police force collegues enlists the help of Sherlock who describes himself as a ‘consulting detective.’

As the episode goes on we are introduced to a number of charachters including Mrs Hudson, Mycroft holmes and a number of recurring metropolitan police.

One particular scene which illustrates just how watchable the show is comes when the cabbie is talking to Sherlock about the murders that have been taking place. He convinces him to come with him to find out what he said to the victims before they died.

It’s really one of those moments you have to know what happens next, not so much to see if the cabbie attemps to kill Sherlock but to see what it was he actually said. I could feel the need to know just as badly as Sherlock and that really had me glued to the screen.

The episode is loosely based on ‘A Study in Scarlet’ and has many other references to other original Sherlock stories but it all comes together superbly and the pace of the episode gives the viewer an insight into the frantic going ons of Sherlocks mind.

From start to finish I think it’s excellent and I really enjoyed watching it even though I have seen it a few times now. I’ll probably just watch the whole series now which is frankly hilarious and oh so productive.


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