Trade unions create Labour party

(February 27th 1900)

On February 27th in Londons Memorial Hall, 169 delegates from various trade unions and socialist societies met to create a united group aimed at getting a ‘distinct Labour group’ in Brittish Parliament.

The committee was organised by f Ramsay MacDonald, one of three people considered the founding fathers of Labour and also a future prime minister.

After long debate between rival factions were a number of proposals were defeated, delegates finally settled on a proposal put forward by James Keir Hardie; a Scottish miner and seasoned member in the Independent Labour Party. It was based on the idea that the aim must be a party in parliament with the flexibility for development. This marked the beginnings of what would develop into the Labour  party was born.

‘It has come. Poor little child of danger, nursling of the storm. May it be blessed.’


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