I’ve boiled my kettle with silent dreams
In hope that something may spill over
I’ve slept in service to lifes extremes
Nothing hurts more than getting older

Here I stand, deception holds my hand
Now it’s schemes for dreams, so say no more



5 thoughts on “Old

  1. Glad you stumbled upon one of my crazy little post. You certainly have mastered this art that eludes me. I like that you categorise them, that way I know what in the world each poem with different structures are called. Instead of studying, since I don´t have time for that, this way I can pick up little things here and there from just reading it.

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    1. Hi there, me too. Yeah the structure things very confusing, i’m new to poetry but I just started at haiku and went from there to senryu then tanka, free verse and from there in a bid to add some kind of poetic structure have tried ode and sonnets, although these are debatable due to syllable count 🙂

      If it helps i’m still learning too and it totally gets much easier once rhyming schemes, Iambic pentameter and poetic forms are understood. I’m still trying to get my head around these.

      My current goal is to write a triolet, an actual sonnet and a limerick although I have been saying that for a while.

      Sorry for the marathon reply lol thanks for dropping by, I’ll be looking forward to more of your posts as well 🙂


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