Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to letters and notes, Have a browse, leave comments and enjoy your visit.

I try to post poems, gardening, songs, cooking and some other things. I try to keep this a creative place for all my thoughts, ventilation for the soul.

Links to my own poetry and spoken word.

‘Wandering ‘




‘Letters and notes.’

Free verse

Syllabic verse







‘Peace over every mans self’.



Social networks







I am working towards a guest post, reblog and painting section for other great poems and wordpress artists along with a favourite section which will involve film, tv, music and poetry. There will be a micro review section as well called today I watched… which focuses on film and tv.

Enjoy, share and comment.

***Award free blog***

55 thoughts on “Introduction

      1. You are welcome! I will eventually make it through all your work and look forward to checking out these great artists. I really appreciate you taking the time to check out my work, too. Cheers!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi there, thanks I appreciate the nomination but I prefer not to accept any awards as I really want to stay annomynous. No one I know personally actually knows I write poetry or have a blog except everyone I have met online. I’m working up the confidence to show them my poems but it’s a work in progress haha


    1. Hi there, no problem at all. Your painting website is really inspiring, really wonderful paintings. So cool how you have your own shop doing something you love. Hope you enjoy what you read, also some of the artists for the paintings can be found in the art contributers page. Have a great day.


  2. Hi there, no problem.

    Thanks, the reader on wordpress has really made paintings so much more accessible for me. Before I had a blog I never looked at paintings, now it’s every other day. It’s great!


    1. Hi, Thanks willow:) Enjoy, tried to add you on soundcloud as well. You too, read your profile again and couldn’t agree more on how positive poetry and blogging can be.


    1. Hi Claudia 🙂

      This is just my blogs intro page, did you mean something else with regards to new format?

      You are too kind but thanks anyway. I’m currently trying to put together a small homemade poetry collection which should be lots of fun.

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